On this website, you will find tutorials on how to solve various cubes. If you're just looking for a tutorial on the regular 3x3x3 cube, go here. If you want other cubes, look above. Here on Rubiksmycube, I give you the simplest possible tutorials on YouTube, with limited algorithms, and make written versions (these are NOT scripts of the video, and solving methods may be a little different.) I hope you enjoy your cubing!!


Ok, if you're new to the cubing world, don't panic about the word "language"; it's pretty intuitive. 3-8 are really important.
Def. 1: Algorithm - a sequence of steps used to accomplish a goal.
Def. 2: Inverted - a counter- clockwise rotation.
Def. 3-8: Left, right, top, front, back, bottom - the left side of the cube; right - same as left, just on the right; top - your first layer[with the exception of solving the last layer, then it flips]; front - the side facing you; back - the side NOT facing you, opposite the front
Def. 9: Cubie - Each individual piece of the cube.
Def. 10: Intuitive - You mostly need to figure it out on your own, based on your circumstances.
Def. 11: Patience - What you'll need to learn anything!
Going off of the regular 3x3 Rubiks Cube, a center piece is the tile in the very center, surrounded by all of the other cubies. This piece never changes position relative to the other centers. Edge piece:This is one of the 'exposed' pieces. It only has two colors/stickers on it. Corner: The corner has three colors, or stickers, on it. This piece touches three edges.


The rubiks cube was invented by Ernő Rubik, in 1974, and he patented it a year later in 1975 as the "Magic Cube". He started selling them to the public in 1977, and they gained much popularity in the '80's. In 1980, Ernő Rubik altered the name of the 'Magic Cube' to 'Rubik's Cube' as we know it today. The Rubiks Cube book, "You Can Do The Cube", was printed and sold 8.1 Million copies in 1981. After that, the cube kept growing in popularity, and cubing competitions were held around the world. Popularity increased more, and more companies were emerging, creating newer and faster designs, as well as completely different re-inventions of the classic Cube. This brings us to 2015, when Collin Burns set the official Rubiks Cube single solve record of 5.253 seconds.