to the Riddles Without Vitae

Congratulations to Sabrina and Harrison, respectively: the first two to reach the end!

What RWV is

This is a web riddle series similar to Oddpawn and Notpron Web riddles are logic puzzles, in which you figure out a password to reach the next level. You can stay here and read about how and why it was made, learn more about how to play, or just jump right in.

Why RWV was made

The Riddles Without Vitae is my most recent and most extensive riddle series. I learned about the existance of web riddles by stumbling upon notpron, which I fell in love with. Sadly, I did not reacht the end, but I also found Oddpawn. After having a stab at both, I looked for more but didn't find anything to write home about. I decided that I had to join the ranks and create my own, and thus began working on my own riddles. My riddles are a gift to the world of Web Riddling, and I hope that many people out there enjoy them.
Evidently, these riddles also got my now girlfriend to have a crush on me, so there was at least one incredible return from them :)

How RWV was made

The Riddles without Vitae has gone through many phases. It's predecessor, the Riddles Without Polarity, were a batch of thirty-four roughly strewn together riddles that I pieced together for a single person to solve. At that time, I did not know how to code anything. I used Wix to create the riddles, and Imgur to communicate with their solver. The whole thing fell apart when she decided to stop and focus on schoolwork. But after that, they were opened up to the world and about four hundered people started, thirty of which managed to get to level three. No-one finished. I learned to make webpages, and started making the riddles a lot better, which resulted in a similar product to what it is now. The difference, however, is that those riddles were secured with javascript, which means that you could simply type "view-source:" in front of the URL and see the password. It was so simple, but I am lucky that no-one did it. I learned PHP, and created a secured version of the riddles, however it was less user friendly that I liked. So I worked on a new version, a better one. Now the password input is on the same page as the riddle - in fact the entire riddles are on a single page.

What's next?

This riddle series is constantly evolving. I'm changing riddles to make them better, adding more on, and creating new features. The future of RWV depends on the users: the more users I have the more content the riddles will have. Right now there are 28 riddles. I'm also working on some other riddle series, but those may never see the light of day.